Top Landing Page Tricks to Boost In SEM Lead Conversions

A killer landing page can be the difference between making money and not making money online. It’s one of the essential parts of your internet marketing strategy. It’s also one of the most misunderstood aspects of digital marketing, with many marketers spending more time on their presentation than on what they want to sell you. A Website design Singapore company can only guide you correctly, so choosing the right one stands imperative.

Top 7 Tricks to Boost SEM Lead Conversions Via Your Landing Page

  1. Do not just use a single keyword phrase in your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign

Don’t just focus on one keyword, but aim for a landing page that incorporates the related keyword. For e.g.- Find out what your target customer is looking for and include the phrase into your landing pages to ensure you don’t lose the sale. For, e.g., an url that incorporates the related keyword phrase into their landing page to convert visitors to leads and ultimately customers.

  1. Use a call-to-action that tells people what to do

You don’t have to be subtle about it – just having a bold CTA can help you get your point across, which means more conversions. Whether you’re running a site like Hotel XYZ, for instance, whose target market is luxury travellers and businesspeople, use a bold CTA to tell them precisely what to do next: “Book your Room” or “Call Now.”

  1. Make it easy for people to convert

A simple call-to-action that is free or low-cost plus a quick sign up will increase the number of sales you get. For e.g. If you want searchers to book their hotel room by calling the hotel, then make sure the phone number is listed below the CTA. Don’t make customers search for the phone number by hiding it at the bottom of your page or making them click a “Call Now” button on the page to get their phone number.

  1. Use a white-hat technique to increase your click-through rate (CTR)

You can improve your website by simply optimising code. This means that you change something on the page to enhance the conversion rates. Use colour coding to highlight items of interest, make sure your page is straightforward and easy to read, have logos in place, so people know what you’re about, and make use of headlines for greater visibility (i.e. create shorter paragraphs or bulleted points).

  1. Test the voluminous effect of social media to increase your conversion rates

You can increase your conversion rates by using the power of social media. Social sharing is one way to ensure that more people see your content. Still, you can also tweak your marketing campaigns to encourage people to request additional information via social media. You may need to sign up forms on your landing page that people can fill out or even a promo code they can share with friends and family who will, in turn, share it online too. The possibilities are endless, but you have to be active in encouraging this sort of thing; otherwise, you’ll lack results.

  1. You can make a landing page not only as a source of lead generation but also as a source of traffic

These days you need to have everything under one roof. If your goal is to get high-quality prospects, use everything you know about SEO. The same goes for social media. Use everything under one roof, i.e., your landing pages, and make sure it’s all squeaky clean and working in unison with each other. An excellent example of this is how CNN used Google+ Hangouts on Air to promote their shows through various segments in the newsroom and their profiles, where they were able to connect directly with viewers who were interested in hearing what they had to say.

  1. Use a compelling value proposition

The power of this tip lies in the fact that it’s something that many people overlook. Do you know what organisations like Nike, Amazon, and American Express all have in common? They all use value propositions to hook your attention and engage your target market. You can use them too!

Don’t be afraid to do some quick research on the web about your industry of choice. You can extensively research what keywords are being used for everything from financial loans to hardware to flowers – the possibilities are endless blogosphere-wise. So why not do some research on your industry of choice and then incorporate that into your landing pages so that you can bump up your SEM conversion rates and, in doing so, increase the quality of prospects.

There you have it. Following these simple steps will help you create optimised landing pages and ready to convert. However, the perfect results can only be brought by Web designer Singapore companies. SEO for marketing best practises is to make sure you optimise every aspect of a page, including content, keywords, social media links, etc. This way, Google gives you the proper credit for all of it. If you incorporate all these aspects with SEM efforts, you’re boosting those numbers on SERPs.

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