About Jamal

About Jamal

Composer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Jamal Green is a British composer currently based in the UK. His unique sound finds its way into everything he works on from BAFTA Award Winning TOEM (2021) by Something We Made to FX’s comedy series Breeders (2023)

Jamal is a highly praised and celebrated composer, having been selected as a 2022/23 BAFTA Breakthrough and featured in Sony Masterworks’ & Milan Records’ BLACK MUSIC MONTH celebration alongside 5 other selected composers including Labrinth, Terence Blanchard & Kris Bowers.

Jamal’s music has been featured on 24,000+ playlists including 3 Spotify Editorial playlists (The Most Beautiful Songs in the World, The Wind Down, Lost In The Woods) as well as 5 FILTR (Sony Music Entertainment) playlists from the USA, Germany and France.

To tie in with the release of Skelattack’s soundtrack Jamal was invited to create a “takeover” playlist to feature on official PlayStation™Music Spotify account – Skelattack: Songs That inspired Jamal Green’s Score.

Konami Digital Entertainment also partnered with MONDO to create a special edition and standard edition 2xLP Vinyl release for the Soundtrack.


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